Solo Flight

There must be many guitarists around the world who play mostly for their own enjoyment and also do the occasional gig. Another ideal requirement is to find a like minded partner to play guitar with. Neil Janssen and Jim Lichens from Eugene, Oregon are two such players who have taken it a step further and recorded their own CD's.
Jazz Guitar Society of Western Australia - August 1996

This CD contains some fine playing and is beautifully produced and packaged. Neil and Jim are an exceptional duo who play as a single instrument, each guitarist staying within well defined roles, Neil on solo guitar and Jim on rhythm. They are extremely sensitive musicians with an uncanny rapport which enabled them to concentrate exclusively upon the totality of the end result.
Just Jazz Guitar - November 1996

Neil Janssen:
With a nod to Howard Robert's playing, Neil Janssen glides around the guitar neck with melodic ease. He doesn't play fast. He doesn't play with flash. He doesn't need to. He searches instead for mood, seeking a smooth and rhythmic jazz groove that lets the creativity of his phrasing take the place of showy pyrotechnics.
Jim Lichens:
It was 1967 at the Taj Hotel in Agra, India, when Jim Lichens faced his first "moment of truth," as he calls it now. He was performing on guitar with a quintet when someone noticed George Harrison and Ravi Shankar in the audience watching the show. Like any band of foolish musicians, the quintet's members figured they could impress the Beatle with one of his own tunes, so they struck up "Michelle." One problem though: Jim tensed up so bad he botched the solo completely. " I played terrible, absolutely awful," Jim recalls. "[George] laughed so hard, he was in tears,....he had to take his little round sunglasses off." He calls it a very humbling experience.


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