Dan Trommater

Dan's Personal Philosophy of Magic:
Successful magic is a synthesis of flawless technique, smooth presentation and stunning revelations. I strive to completely mystify my audience, but insist on never making any one feel foolish.
My mission is to utterly baffle my audiences, while providing them with an unforgettable entertaining and visceral experience. In fact, I defy anyone to leave my shows without an overwhelming sense of astonishment, joy and wonder.

"When I later asked some of our guests what they thought of Dan and his magic, they said "He's so good, he's creepy!" Now, that's a compliment only a magician could love!"
Bonnie Larson, Director of Marketing, SELCO Credit Union

"Thank you - not only for great entertainment - but also for the many compliments I received on your behalf for your appearance at the party."
Lorri Sopp, Moss Adams LLP, Certified Public Accountants

"The Symantec party was a huge success. Your ability to interact with our guests added a wonderful dimension to the event. It is a pleasure to work with a real professional." Dick Clark, Event Planner, Symantec Corporation

"I really believe you have a gift, Dan. Thank you for providing the energy and excitement we needed to work through complex problems in our Strategic Planning Session with the Board of Directors and Management Team. Thanks for making our Strategic Planning Session a success!"
Sharon Sandgathe, Training Coordinator, Wood Products Credit Union

"More than a month after the event, I am still hearing comments from people about the fun, enjoyment, special "personal" touches you added to your performance, and the professional manner in which you entertained us all."
Evelyn Ferguson, Administrative Assistant, Hewlett-Packard Company"


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