Curtis Salgado

What is soul? People have tried to define the word and the style of music for years, but Curtis Salgado thinks he has a handle on it.
“My definition is that if a song is sincere and you believe it, that's soul. Of course, the contents of a song are going to shape what you think about it, but if it's believable, there you go. To me, Pavarotti is as much as a soul singer as Otis Redding. Merle Haggard and Hank Williams are soul singers as much as Sam Cooke was. Soul is about heart and about belief. Music is an offering, and if you accept that offering, there's a connection there, and that is what soul is all about.”
Curtis Salgado is a soul singer, too. On his latest album Soul Activated , Salgado combines the deepest and truest of human emotions with music that combines rock, blues, gospel, and rhythm and blues. Call it rockin' soul. “Solomon Burke used to call his records that,” Salgado says. “It's not a new term, but that's exactly what this is.”


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