Johnny Counterfit

When Johnny remarked to then-President Bill Clinton, "you must have a lot of people who try to do your voice", the President replied , "Yeah, but not as good as you do!"
-President Bill Clinton, The White House, Summer 2000

" One of the most crowd pleasing entertainers I have ever met!"
-Ralph Emery

"Top 20 Comedian of the Year!"
-Music City News

"You do a great job!"
-Eddy Arnold

"Wickedly Accurate!"
-British Country Music Association

"A truly unique entertainer!"
-Barry McCloud, COUNTRY.COM's, Century of Country,
The Definitive Country Music Encyclopedia

"He can sing anything, anything!"
-Country Music Singer, Freddy Hart

Johnny discovered his talent for voice impressions at the age of five in his hometown of Portland, Oregon. At this "impressionable" age, he realized he could recreate the same voices heard on television as he watched cartoons, and duplicate the voices he heard on the record player as his Mother listened to her favorite artists.
Throughout elementary and high school, the young entertainer would perform voice impressions of singers, actors, and politicians for family members, teachers, and fellow students.
At seventeen years of age, Counterfit began to perform professionally with a band at a local night spot called, "The Nashville West", on "open-mic" Sunday. Over the years, Johnny developed a following of fans, and decided to utilize his talents toward a full-time career in "showbiz".
The first of many big breaks occurred for Johnny after he performed for several years in clubs, at fairs, and for corporate events. ABC TELEVISION NETWORK asked Johnny to appear on its new show called, "AMERICA'S FUNNIEST PEOPLE", which continues to be aired on the FOX FAMILY CHANNEL. Counterfit also was asked to use his talents to create the star voice of the lead character, Rex, in a "CLAYMATION CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION", an annual television special on the DISNEY CHANNEL during the holiday season. Johnny continues to be featured in numerous appearances throughout the country, in film, video, radio stations, and other outlets.


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