Razia was awarded MED&CA’s “Professional Bellydancer of the Year 2004”

Razia is an award-winning professional bellydance performer and instructor based in Eugene, Oregon.
An outstanding entertainer, Razia artfully blends grace, passion, and flair in her performances. She performs in stage shows, corporate and community events, and private parties. Razia is also a popular instructor.
She has earned accolades for her excellent technique, musicality, and ability to clearly break down movement for students. She draws inspiration and dance technique from many sources. Razia has studied intensively with west coast instructors Naia, Astryd de Michele, and Aziza (Oregon/Montreal), as well as top Canadian dancers Hannan Sultan and Roula Said. In addition, she has traveled to Egypt to study her ancient and ever-evolving dance form from its heart and birthplace. While in Cairo, she was able to take lessons with Egyptian dance legends Raqia Hassan, Aida Nour, and Dina.


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