Etouffee is a five-piece show band that uses electric fiddle, slide guitar, piano, bass, and drums to cook up some of the hottest Louisiana music yet to come.
Lead by fiddler Kelly Thibodeaux of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Etouffee combines the soul of Cajun music, the shuffle of rhythm and blues, and the kick of Southern rock to create an exciting new sound known as Swamp Rock.
This is music that will roll you down Bourbon Street or lead you into the darkest swamps, music so eminently danceable almost no one -young or old- can resist.
This music is for all of us!

Once Etouffee kicks into gear, audiences are transported deep into the South - and prompted to hop onto the dance floor quicker than shrimp jumpin' out of a gumbo pot. -The Bellingham Hearld-

Listeners automatically feel themselves rolling doun Bourbon Street in New Orleans, or standing on the edge of the darkest of swamps .... The band plays together so tightly, they will change heartbeats in the listening audience. -The Idaho Mountain Express-

It comes from the swamp... It crawls out of the bayou... Like some kind of VOODOO priest, Thibodeaux's FIDDLE drives a blend of Cajan, Rock and Blues, leading the dancers onto the floor and keeping them there until they're PANTING and SWEATY!! -Grand Targhee's "Independant"-

With his equally skilled bandmates, Thibodeaux stirs up a fresh melting pot of Louisiana Cajun music, R&B, and even Southern rock, forming what Etouffee lovingly calls "Swamp Rock." ...(Thier) album is receiving critical acclaim across the board, pointing to greater things as the band ambitiously romps across America, leaving culture and smiles in their wake. -The Ilander-


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