Rhys Thomas, Jugglemania

Comedic Juggler & Stiltwalker

Theatrical And Artistic Praise

"One of our favorite New Vaudevillians because he reminds us of us."
- Flying Karamazov Brothers

"Professional and artistic excellence."
- Portland Metro Arts Council

"An afternoon of joy."
- Great Artist Series (Camas, WA)

"You're funny. We like you."
-Kirkland Performance Center (Kirkland, WA)

"A quick wit and real chemistry with the audience."
- San Juan Community Theatre (WA)

"An invaluable resource to our nation's youth"
- Washington State Centennial Commission

"A great emcee"
- Admiral Theatre (Bremerton, WA)

And many, many more.....

Corporate Kudos

"A world class act"
- Isuzu Corporation; Okinawa, Japan

"I peeked in and ended up watching the entire act."
- Tommy Smothers

"Rhys has wowed our crowd repeatedly."
- Confederation of School Administrators

"Very Entertaining!"
- The Development Group, Inc.

- Metro Washington Park Zoo (Seattle)

"Rhys Thomas is a juggler extraordinaire"
- City of Las Vegas Cultural Affairs Division

"Many are called. Few accept the charges."

Since 1987, audiences on three continents have applauded the hilarity and dexterity of Rhys Thomas. Combining the quick wit of stand-up comedy with the dextrous feats of the circus, Rhys creates amazing performances for regional theatres, national corporate events, and international festivals.
Rhys is also in demand as a physics presenter using tricks to teach Newtonian concepts at science museums and public schools across North America. In other words, Rhys Thomas has "JuggleMania." So, wash your mouse after enjoying this site, drink lots of fluids, and if you do catch "JuggleMania" ... enjoy the show.


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